Monday, March 29, 2010

NAPFA Test Requirements

NAPFA involves a series of five stations and a 2.4-km Walk-Run (1.5-mile Walk-Run) for secondary school students or a 1.6-km Walk-Run for primary school students. All of the station tests are attempted on the same day, with a 2–5 minute rest period permitted between stations. Under certain circumstances, the Walk-Run item may be attempted on a different day, although sometimes a 2-week window limit is set.

The test items are:

  1. Sit-ups: Maximum in one minute
  2. Standing Broad Jump: Better of two distances
  3. Sit and Reach: Better of two attempts with floating zero point
    • Pull-ups (for males 15 years and above only): Maximum in half-a-minute
    • Inclined Pull-ups (for all females, and males up to the age of 14): Maximum in half-a-minute
  4. Shuttle Run: Faster of two 4×10 metre attempts
  5. 2.4-km/1.6-km Walk-Run: Minimum time on firm and level surface

Performances are then compared to a chart and the grades from A to F for each test item. A constitutes excellent performance and E constitutes barely passing. An F grade is an alternate term that the participant has failed that section.

The awards are:

Bronze Award Requirements

  • At least an E grade performance in all 6 test items AND
  • A total of 6 or more points

Silver Award Requirements

  • At least a D grade performance in all 6 test items AND
  • A total of 15 or more points

Gold Award Requirements

  • At least a C grade performance in all 6 test items AND
  • A total of 21 or more points


  1. I don't think anyone reached 15 yet... right?

  2. nah, a day before your 13th b'day still considered 12 years old

  3. so we wont be doing pull up? sad..