Thursday, April 22, 2010

NAPFA 2.4km Reflections

Points to ponder upon:
1) What is your NAPFA pre-run 2.4km timing
2) What is your target for the REAL NAPFA 2.4km target timing
3) How can you improve your timing for the 2.4km
and one more....
4) Shall we start a system for houses points?
Whoever did not bring or change into UNIFORM after S&W lesson(during recess), points will be deducted.
Which house co-operated with teacher during S&W lesson, points will be added!
Please comment below
PS. (Black, Green, Red houses, please upload the Warm-up slides to the blog via Slideshare.

The subsequent reps for the houses in 1-07 are Black- TANG WEN YUE, Blue- SEAN PHUA, Green- LIM JING JIE (he still haven't received the invitation for the author of the blog, I will give it to Darius), Red- Elgin Low
For all those mentioned above, please upload the slides into the blog.
Thanks, Kaixuan


  1. 1) Approximately 14 ~ 16 mins
    2) Target: 11 mins (hoping for a miracle)
    3) Run, Run, Run, Run, Run and run. Practise make perfect
    4) I fully support the points system!

    Please please upload the slides...

  2. 1) Approximately 22 minutes

    2) 19-20 minutes

    3) Jog to the MRT station and jog for about 30 minutes during weekend.

    4) YES that sounds like fun.

  3. 1) Approximately 13 minutes
    2) Target: 12 minutes
    3) I can practice running and training my endurance to prepare myself for NAPHA.
    4) I support the campaign as it promotes responsibility in oneself.

  4. 1) 17 Minutes
    2) Target: 16 Minutes
    3) I can jog at the nearby park so that I can improve my stamina so that I can run further without getting tired so quickly.
    4) I support the points system as it will definitely "encourage" the lazy people to change or risk sabotaging their own house.

  5. 1. <17 minutes
    2. Target: 13> minutes
    3. I can jog/run at the park to improve my stamina. Also, I HAVE to drink lots of water to replenish for the lost during the run.
    4. The points system sounds GREAT! No objections, except please define CLEARLY what cooperate with the teacher means.

  6. 1)<15 minutes
    2)Target is <13minutes
    3)i can run at the stadium to improve my stamina

  7. 1.Probably<16 minutes
    2.<16 minutes
    3.Have somebody make me angry and practise by running away from people after annoying them,especially the ones who have a good reputation for being good runners.
    4.Good for something.

  8. 1) 12-13minutes
    2) 12 minutes
    3) Just use up all my available energy to run.
    4) Sounds good.

  9. 1. Approx. 17-18 mins
    2. 15 mins
    3. Train harder and persevere to run to the end.
    4. yes, i support the system :D

  10. 1) 15min 10 sec
    2) 13min
    3) Train more
    4) No, I do not think we should start this sort of system as it will be unfair as some houses may be at a disadvantage should someone be lazy about the rules (I AM NOT POINTING FINGERS AT ANYONE!!!)

  11. 1. Approximately 14 - 15 minutes
    2. 14.40 to get A for 2.4km
    3. Train my stamina so that i will be able to push to the very end during the actual NAPFA.
    4. Yes, as that will remind people to bring their S&W attire.

  12. 1. Approximately 20 minutes.
    2. 18.40 to get a pass
    3. I can train my stamina so that i can run longer distances.
    4. No. I believe that students bringing their own PE attire is from their own initiative, and they should not be motivated by any point system.

  13. 1) about 16-17 mins.
    2) below 16 mins
    3) practise my stamina and my will so that i am both physically and mentally fit.

    4) no. I think we should not do it as it is quite unfair to the houses with people that do not want to change into their uniform

  14. 1) About 14-16 minutes
    2)About 14 mins
    3) I could run more and learn how to maximize my energy.
    4) I totally agree with Zhengen and Kaixuan

  15. 1) Approximately 21 minutes
    2) 17 to 18 minutes
    3) I can go practise running at the stadium.
    4) Yes, i support that idea.

  16. 1. Estimated to be about 12-13 minutes. (I only knew I was a while after Darius and Zheng En due to a stomachache at about 3/4 of the run and had to go to the toilet during Geography Lesson.)

    2. I would just like to do better the next time during the REAL 2.4km run during the NAPFA test. If possible, I would try to train until I can run the 2.4km run in 11-12 minutes. (which is like impossible now.)

    3. I can continue to run up the stairs of my block home after school everyday and train myself not to rely too much on drinks before and after the run. I can also not eat too much before the run so that I will not have any stomachache or any other problems in between the run in the future.

    4. This idea is good, but there are some questions I would like to ask:
    a) Where would the scores be recorded?
    b) When would the total scores be considered?
    c) What would be the reward for the house with the highest score at the end of the (, month, year?)
    d) Would there be a double penalise of scores if the house leaders, or other role models representing the house and the sports and wellness committee, breaks any of the rules set and makes any other mistakes?

  17. 1. About 18 mins

    2. About 15 mins

    3. I can train by running by the canal near my house

    4. Yes

    -Lim Jing Jie

  18. 1. About 12 minutes
    2. 10 min 30 sec
    3. I play soccer often and can make use of the time to train on my stamina.
    4. I find it ok but it may get too competitive and people may miss out on the original reason of this event: to have fun and get to know each other more

  19. 1) Approximately 13 minutes

    2) 12min

    3) Jog to the MRT station and jog for about 30 minutes during weekend.

    4) it is FUN!!!!

  20. 1. Less then 13 minutes
    2. aiming 10 minutes
    3. get more stamina by running more
    4. i do not think we should